Here at Chino’s, we believe in using only freshest, quality ingredients available. All of our vegetables are home-grown (many from our own personal garden), all of our meat comes from local ranchers and butchers, and all of our food is prepared fresh, right before (or even during) your event, not days ahead of time. You will be able to taste the fresh difference!

MEATS | All of our meats are of the highest quality and cut; beef flank for the marinated steak, pork loin for carnitas and marinated pork, locally raised chicken for the marinated chicken, pre-marinated lemon garlic tilapia, and shrimp with a flavorful tequila-lime marinade. We always pre-marinate meats and cook them with fresh seasonings and vegetables resulting in the most succulent, mouth-watering, flavors possible.

TORTILLA & BREAD | You will have the choice of how your food is served between: tortillas that are made fresh daily; either flour, corn, or both; taco shells, tostada shells, homemade tortilla chips, or torta (pita-like) bread for traditional Mexican-style sandwiches.

SIDES | You will also have the option of traditional Mexican sides: Rice & Beans with Sopa Fideo rice that has a tomato/onion base, very traditional and very good, and beans that are our signature chorizo based beans, chorizo is a Mexican sausage that we refry our beans with to give them extra flavor. We also offer Pico de Gallo/Salsa that is homemade with an old family recipe. You choose the level of spicy-ness for this salsa, and we will always include our “Fire” green (chile) sauce for those guests who like their salsa hot!

STANDARD DRESS | For any type of meat(s) that you choose you will receive standard dressings, except for seafood meats (they have their own dressings, see below), allowing your guests’ to make their meal as customizable, unique, and delicious as they choose. This standard dress includes: shredded cheese blend, fresh and locally grown lettuce, tomato, cilantro, lemons/limes, jalapenos, sour cream, and chips with salsa.

SEAFOOD DRESS | For the seafood options, shrimp and tilapia, you will have a different set of standard dressing, to enhance and make the most of the seafood flavors. The dress for seafood options includes: sour cream, a chili powder based Baja sauce that is our family recipe, and fresh, home-grown cabbage, limes/lemons, cilantro, onions, and pico de gallo.

We serve all of our items buffet style, ensuring that your hungry guests can make the most of our delicious Mexican dishes, customizing them to their liking and level of spicy-ness!

To visualize the freshness of our meals, check out our photo gallery, or contact us to set up a tasting appointment to learn more about how we can make your next event, THE event!


“Chino’s Parrilla, the BEST Tacos I have ever had! Fast, friendly and efficient service on the drop of a dime!”
— Claudia Jasso