Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our close knit family, known for cooking, makes up the crew of Chino’s Parrilla. Grill master, Chino Herrera, taught me, his daughter and part owner, Tasha Schrant, the recipes and dishes from an early age. Along with my husband, Bill Schrant, we have put our own unique twist on the traditional fares and when combined with Chino’s style and flavors, the result is fresh, delicious, authentic Mexican food unlike any you have ever tasted and a catering experience unique to our company. You will be impressed with the presentation and professionalism that we will provide for your event. The passion that we have for food is evident in the succulent dishes that we will serve for your guests.

We have several ways that we can cater to your needs including everything from presenting the prepared food in traditional chaffing dishes with buffet style service to dropping off the prepared dishes and dressings to bringing our customized stainless steel grill (a kitchen on wheels) to your event location and preparing the food fresh in front of you with Chino as the Grill Master and entertainer, providing a unique element of excitement while he cooks the food right in front of you and your guests. Whatever method you choose for your guests, I, Tasha, will help you with event coordinating ahead of time to figure out all of the details on how you would like the food prepared, event setup, how many guests and what order they will be served in, as well as during the event to ensure that your guests are happy as far as serving and food is concerned. We will also bring several other staff to support the Grill Master, make sure that your buffet bar is clean and stocked, and for food cleanup after the meal portion of your event, allowing you to relax, and enjoy the party as much as your guests. We will truly give you the full “We Grill, While You Chill” experience. We guarantee you and your guests will be thrilled with not only our outstanding customer service and friendly staff, but also with our delicious, unique food!

Whether you are in need of formal catering for a wedding, an entertaining and delicious option for the next family birthday, Super Bowl party or Bar Mitzvah, a way to please everyone at the office or you’re in need of a vending service for an outdoor city event, we have catering options to fit all of your needs.

Check out our photo gallery, and sustainability page to see why our food is the freshest catering option available. Then give us a call or send us an email, to see how we can make your next event, THE event!


“Great food! Great service from great people!”
— Miesha Brunston