Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your restaurant located?
We are completely mobile. We are bringing a new concept to the city. We come to your location to cook and serve your guests at your convenience. There may be a restaurant in the future but for now we want to bring a new rave to Wichita.

Do you serve alcohol?
We do not serve or sell alcohol. With our mobility you are able to have us come to your property where you can serve your guest what you would like at your discretion.

How many people are you able to serve?
With the Live Catering Experience we are able to serve up to 200 guests in approximately an hour. We are capable of serving more, but if there is a strict time schedule that is something to keep in mind. For bigger groups, we are able to serve up to 400 guests in a buffet style set up. If you are having a big event and expecting over 400 people, give us a call and we can go over different options to see how we can best accommodate your party.

Is there a guest minimum?
Yes, in order for us to give you the best deal, with the best options, (serve as many people as possible that are interested in our catering) we ask that your party have at least 25 guests.

What is your most popular lunch item?
Our Taco Bar is becoming very popular with lunch catering. We provide the desired meat selections and sides with the standard taco dressing for your lunch. Your co-workers or clients serve themselves; choosing not only what they want to add to their taco or meal, but also the desired level of spiciness. We have had a lot of success with this because the food is delicious, fresh and different form the typical corporate or business lunch catering options.


“I have had Chino’s food and it is wonderful! I am now planning an event with Bill and Tasha and they are amazing to work with. They have walked me through every step in planning the event and I am so excited for more people to experience what they have to offer! It is definitely one of a kind!”
— Todd Junker, Christa McAuliffe Academy PE